martes, 30 de noviembre de 2010

Would you - Hamel

If I told you a secret, something I wouldn’t normally do
Something people might frown upon
Would you

If I kissed you discretely
Would it mean you’d laugh in my face
Would you tell me I’m going crazy
Would you

Sideway glances to no avail
Opportunities that are destined to fail

The love that I’ve tried to hide
Won’t accept it’s secret hiding place
Won’t accept it’s dying without a trace
Without ever having shown itself to you
Would you

It’s impossible to drive you away from my dreams
Even if I had a chance I wouldn’t
Would you

This longing buried inside
So much more than a mere and mortal sin
What’s the use in never knowing what could’ve been
If I came around then, would you let me in
Would you

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